What is difference between EMR and EHR?

In the healthcare sector, the words "Electronic Medical Records" (EMR) and "Electronic Health Records" (EHR) are frequently used to refer to digital versions of patients' medical records; nevertheless, they differ significantly:

What do you mean by hospital management system?

Main Points • EMR • EHR
1. Scope and Purpose: EMRs focus on the digital representation of a patient's medical history within a single healthcare organization. They typically contain information generated and used by healthcare providers for diagnosis and treatment within their specific practice or facility. EHRs are more comprehensive and go beyond the boundaries of a single healthcare organization. They are designed to include a patient's complete health information, spanning multiple healthcare providers, institutions, and even different stages of life. EHRs aim to provide a holistic view of a patient's health.
2. Interoperability: EMRs are often tailored to the specific needs and workflows of a particular healthcare provider or facility. As a result, they may have limited interoperability with systems from other organizations. EHRs are built with interoperability in mind. They are intended to share patient data across different healthcare settings, allowing information to be accessed and shared by authorized healthcare professionals.
3. Patient Involvement: EMRs are primarily used by healthcare providers for clinical documentation, and patient access may be limited. EHRs often include features that allow patients to access their own health records, participate in their healthcare, and communicate with healthcare providers.
4.Comprehensive View: EMRs provide a detailed view of a patient's medical history within a specific healthcare system, including diagnoses, medications, and treatment plans. EHRs aim to offer a more comprehensive and longitudinal view, incorporating information from various sources, such as laboratories, pharmacies, and different healthcare providers.

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