Why Should You Empower Your Clinic With Paperless Operations?

For centuries, hospitals and clinics have depended on paper-based records and documents to store and manage crucial patient data. As a result, data breaches and security issues have been damaging patient information and medical data such as government-issued numbers, credit card numbers (CCNs), and insurance policy IDs.

Paper-based records also require inspections by personnel who move them from one department to another. Given the magnitude of paper-based record movements at a busy modern hospital with some departments working 24 hours a day, it is not hard to imagine the security risks involved.

Let us look at a few general disadvantages of managing your patient data through paper records.

Poor security: Paper documents are prone to wear and tear, thereby risking the loss of crucial data. They can also be easily misplaced, lost, or damaged irrecoverably in a flood or fire.

Increased chances of errors: Handwritten records can be illegible, leading to numerous clinical errors that can affect the safety of patients.

Poor accessibility: Doctors and medical staff have a difficult time getting their hands on urgent records since everyone within the hospital is referring to the same source.

Time-consuming: Finding, storing, and managing information in paper records takes up a huge amount of time that could otherwise be effectively employed in more productive tasks.

Unwanted expenses: Since paper records cannot be reused, they need to be replaced every once in a while with new ones, leading to excessive costs for the hospital.

But thanks to technology, we now have automated Electronic Medical Records that digitize and centrally store patient data in a secure location, enabling the staff to access it whenever necessary.

All data stored in a single digital location eliminates unnecessary movements of paper documents and enhances patient care by making crucial information accessible from anywhere at any time.

This helps hospital staff save precious seconds that can mean life or death for patients who need instantaneous action, particularly during emergencies.

In a nutshell, paperless operations are comparatively far more secure, convenient, efficient, and adaptable, and can enhance the performance and patient care of your hospital.

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Why Should You Empower Your Clinic With Paperless Operations?

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